Boy Scout Troop 007
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1. When and where does Troop 007 meet?

      Troop 007 meets every Monday from 7:00pm-8:30pm at Harriet G. Eddy Middle School's Multipurpose Room – 9329
      Soaring Oaks Dr, Grove, CA 95758.


2. How much does it cost to join?

     New scouts initial fee to join:$125 plus prorated fees for Boy Scouts of America Registration and Boys Life magazine
     subscription of no more than $45. $60 annual fees (paid in October).


    Cub Scouts bridging into the Troop: $125, plus prorated fees for Boys Life Magazine of no more than $12 if scout is
    not receiving the magazine. $60 annual fees (paid in October)


    Adults Initial Fee to Join: $33, $33 annual fee collected in October.


    With the joining fee, Troop 007 provides the following: neckerchief, slide, 007 number, epilet, troop hat, and activity


3. What activities are offered?

     An outing is planned every month usually a camping trip (Friday afternoon through Sunday morning). Other activities
     include: day hikes, service projects, assisting the Optimist Club during Crab Feed, creek clean-up, "scouting for
     food", CSD Campout, ice skating, skiing, snow camping, etc.


4. Where does Troop 007 attend summer camp?

      Camp Royaneh located in Cazadero, CA is the summer camp Troop 007 attend. Camp is usually the week prior to the
      4th of July.
      The cost is approximately $450.


5. Are there any fundraising to alleviate the cost of summer camp?


    Scouts are encouraged to earn their way to go to camp. Scouts can participate in Council Popcorn site sale and take
    order during the Fall. The Troop also sells See's candy, Camp Cards and conducts other Troop fund-raisers as
    necessary.  Each scout in the Troop is required to participate in atleast one to two site sale shifts for Popcorn or any site sale        fundraising.


6. How can I get involve?

     Parents can join as registered adult leaders/committee members. Accompany the scouts on hikes and campouts. Each
     scout family is required to assist with the troop by taking on a job/position that either last all year or a one event job. Attend       the monthly parent/committee meetings.




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